Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Gumbo Gu-roux

Gimmie 'dem onions, celery and bell-
peppers, too,
Throw-in a little love and spice and
some of my roux,

Gimmie some chicken and sausage
when times are good,
And I'll brew you the best gumbo in
a way that I should.

Or, throw-in a coon or 'possum
when times are bad,
And I will still make you the best
gumbo you ever had.

If you like a lil' mo' spice and you
want it a lil' mo' thick,
Aheee!, mon amie, I know exactly
how to do 'dat trick.

I'll throw-in some cayenne and some
black pepper, too,
And a couple mo' tablespoons of
my magic gumbo roux,

If you turn Creole on me, mon cher,
I will still know what to do,
I'll just throw-in a pound of cut-okra
and tomatoes into the stew.

When it comes time to eat do you
know what is really nice?
It's to spoon your favorite gumbo
on a bed of Cajun rice.


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