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DIY Cajun Seasoning

Cheese whiz. Where do I start? Like the myriad of gumbo recipes floating out there in cyberspace, folks will tell you all kinds of ways to conjure-up Cajun seasonings. Many popular commercial brands already adorn our supermarket shelves like Tony Chachere, Slap ya Mama, Zatarains and others. However, these ready-made seasonings also contain preservatives and anti-caking chemicals to extend their shelf-life while shortening ours.

But, the truth about Cajun seasoning is that it's rather simple to make your own just about anytime you want because most of the spices and salts used to make a good mix are probably already in your spice rack.

To make one measure begin by using the 4 main ingredients (in order of importance) and work your way down. Take care not to overpower your homemade Cajun seasonings with too much of one kind of spice or another. The following formula is a guideline which you may use to make your own. You can multiply this measured-mix to prepare more.

  • 1 tsp red or cayenne pepper, finely ground
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/8 tsp onion powder

This is a basic well-rounded formula to which you may add additional spices, to taste, such as basil, white or black pepper, paprika, chili powder or celery salt.

The reason I don't add more garlic and onion powder or celery salt, for example, is because many of the dishes I prepare already come with a trinity of fresh onions, peppers and celery so there is no need for redundancy.

I mix-in the above amount with two cups of powdered gumbo roux to make a half-gallon of many of my favorite gumbos. It works out great for me with sausage and boudin recipes because I am free to add any of the other spices along the way to adjust the taste. When making sausage or boudin I will add my seasoning mix in a liquid solution like water, beer or broth so that it can be more easily disbursed throughout.

You can save lots of dough by making your own Cajun seasonings as you go.

Hope this helps. Ahheee!!

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  1. LOVE your website and your recipes! Thank you for taking the time to help preserve the wonderful cooking methods, flavours and history of Cajun Country!

  2. My hometown is Lake Charles and this site is the Food Bible for me!!

  3. Just to let you know, I just quoted part of this recipe on Elise Bauer's SimplyRecipes.com, where a recipe for 'Cajun Stuffed Bell Peppers' called for Cajun Spice and told them to find it in a store. I've mentioned your website there, as well as your name(s), Jacques and Scott. The contributor of the Stuffed Peppers was Lisa Lin, who earlier had contributed an excellent recipe for Fried Rice, and has her own blog (which I have yet to investigate). Just FYI, but, the more the merrier, I think, in spreading the work - Phil


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