• andouille:  pronounced (ahn-dwee) ...a specialized south Louisiana sausage made with pork meat, pepper, garlic, and other seasoned salts used to add flavor to many Cajun dishes.
  • au gratin:  a layered dish with cheese sauce slowly baked such as in 'potatoes au gratin'.
  • bisque:  a thick soup made with shellfish usually stuffed and served in the shell.
  • boudain:  pronounced (boo-dain) ...a specialty rice based sausage made from pork, pork fat, rice, green onions, red pepper and other herbs which are stuffed into a casing. There are also varieties of seafood boudain made with shrimp, crab and crayfish.
  • boulettes:  round meat ball like entrees made with various meats and/or seafood and spices.
  • cochon de lait:  pronounced (coo shon de lay) ...literally 'pig in milk', or 'suckling pig'. A cajun pig roast of a whole young pig.
  • courtbouillon:  pronounced (coo-bee-yon) ...a tomato and herb based fish stew.
  • etouffee:  pronounced (A-2-fay) ...a French expression synonymous with the term 'smother' meaning a slow low-heat cooking process used in many Cajun entriees. To smother a dish means to keep the lid on when simmering any of a variety of Cajun dishes.
  • file:  pronounced (fee-lay) ...finely ground sassafras leaves. This adds an exotic flavor to the gumbo and is a thickening agent. It can be purchased in most supermarkets.
  • fricassee:  pronounced (free-ca-say) ...the stewing of meat or seafood using a slow cooking process under low to medium heat.
  • gumbo:  a term also used to describe a thick soup made of a flour and oil based ingredient. Gumbo is also used by many Cajuns to mean "okra".
  • jambalaya:  a Cajun dish containing meats or seafood along with long grain rice and other vegetables and spices cooked together.
  • lagniappe:  a little extra for good measure. Like a baker's dozen.
  • mais, c'est bon!:  but this is good!
  • maque chou:  pronounced (mock chew) ...any of a variety of meat and vegetable dishes prepared using cream or whole kernel corn.
  • piquante:  a very spicy dish to which hot pepper is added.
  • roux:  pronounced (roo) ...a flour/oil base created from high heat and constant stirring in a heavy cast iron skillet. Roux is used to thicken a soup. It is also an absorbing agent to inhance flavor.
  • tasso:  a specialty Cajun meat which has been highly seasoned and slowly cured. It is used to add a distinct flavor to many main dishes.
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