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Cajun Shrimp Creole

Isn't Cajun Shrimp Creole kind of a confusing title, you may ask? Not really. The meal itself is of a Creole origin, but it has been "Cajunized" to create a more bold flavor. This is done by adding a slightly darker roux and less tomatoes than is called for in many of the traditional recipes.


    1.    *2 lbs. raw shrimp, peeled and deveined  
    2.     3 Tbs. powdered gumbo roux
    3.     1 pod garlic, finely chopped
    4.     1/2 cup minced onion
    5.     1/2 cup chopped green pepper  
    6.     2 Tablespoons chopped parsley
    7.     1/2 cup warm water
    8.     2 teaspoons salt (or less, to taste)
    9.     Tabasco to taste
    10.     1 (8 oz.) can tomato sauce
    * (save shells to  make broth) 


      1. make a light brown roux using flour and oil
      2. add shrimp and cook 3 minutes over low heat
      3. add garlic, onion, green pepper and parsley
      4. saute 2 minutes
      5. increase heat to medium and gradually add water while stirring
      6. add remaining ingredients
      7. bring to a boil, then lower heat to simmer
      8. cook for 1 hour
      9. stir occasionally
      10. serve over cooked white long-grain rice

      A dish like this can be jazzed up to suit your taste: substitute a can of tomatoes with green chilies for one can of tomato sauce, for a peppery flavor; or increase any of the seasonings according to your taste. At any rate, you can't go wrong, and you'll thoroughly enjoy this longstanding Louisiana favorite!

      Makes 4 - 6 servings. Bon appetite!
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