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Cajun Tradition - Making Boudain ( 3 Part Video )

Boudain is also spelled "boudin". The first part of the video series begins at the bottom of the play list. I hope you learn something. Enjoy!

Note: For a meatier boudain sausage reduce the cooked rice content. Signature Icon


  1. Jacques, enjoyed the lessons. I have never made boudin but have eaten plenty. I do make sausage and bacon. I guess i am gonna have to give boudin a try. Thanks Bill

  2. Hey Jacques, Merry Christmas y'all. CF

  3. Thank you for posting this. I drove my car from Miami to Seattle back in '83? I visited my grandpappy in New Orleans and about an hour outside of NO, I stopped for gas, in the middle of nowhere, a place with an old fashioned gas pump - the "store" had a dirt floor! When I walked in, I smelled this heavenly aroma and found out it was fresh, hot Boudain sausage. I don't think I have ever eaten anything better in my life. They wrapped up 4-5 of 'em in newspaper and we got some cold beers with them and took off- we had driven about an hour- I almost turned around and went right back. Can't find anything like them anywhere else so I guess I will have to follow your recipe and make them myself. Bless you, Caren (Yankee convert)

  4. Caren. First, I want to thank you for sharing your story, secondly, it's always a good thing for us southerners when we can convert s Yankee :) If you follow this recipe you will experience some of the same 'heavenly' aroma while preparing your own boudain. Thanks again for visiting our site. Good luck! Email me if you need help, okay?

  5. Wow. Im enjoying these videos so much! Im about to watch part 3. I know these are old but I saw you commented on another website abour their boudin recipe so I wanted to see yours. I searched through all your videos until I found it and Im glad I did! I'm definitely going to try it this way. Not only does everything look good so far, but I'm loving the tips. I'm going to do my rice that way from now on and I LOVED the tip about how to not make the pot boil over. That is so me. Oh, and your friend was hilarious thinking you were talking to him. I keep laughing. Can't wait to see part 3.. so far so good! Here I go! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Bridget for the kind words. Glad you like it.


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