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Soluble and Insoluble Fiber in Oatmeal

What is the difference?

Today I read the label on a 42 ounce box of Quick Oats when I came across the words Soluble Fiber and Insoluble Fiber (2g. ea. per 1/2 cup serving). So, I did a little research on the dietary fibers which I want to share.

First, I want to tell you about rolled-oats. It is just one of the several ingredients which I add to my Top Cats Premium Homemade Dough Bait formula: "Made for Women ... But, Men Can Use It, Too!" (that was gonna be my slogan). But, I never got the business off the ground and into the mainstream (pun intended).

Here is a partial image of a business card I made-up years ago (the address and phone numbers were omitted) when I was thinking about producing the bait in large quantities. But, I am retired! So tell me, why would I want to go back to work? I prefer to make the bait and go fishing myself.

I only make my Magic Bait for friends and acquaintances who don't mind forking over $3 a biscuit. (BTW, it ships well, too.) So, most of my customers take advantage of the 4 for $10 special. And, they pay for the shipping. No complaints, yet.

One biscuit can catch a mess of catfish enough to feed the whole family and still have some fish and bait left over. (I have done it several times.) So, the price is not that much when you consider the benefits.

It takes me time and a certain process to make the bait. I have to work the dough by hand as I would a loaf of bread ... except  more!

One biscuit is about equivalent to 50 night crawler worms (without the slimy and smelly  mess). It is as pliable as Play dough, too. It took me 16 years to perfect this formula and only one other person besides me knows what is in this good-smelling bait which attracts catfish like bees to honey (and he ain't tellin').

That aside,  (I tend to get side-tracked every now and then),  what about soluble fiber and insoluble fiber?

What is the difference?

What I have learned is that the soluble fiber in oatmeal is what makes it turn gelatinous. I think anyone who has eaten oatmeal can attest to its gooey texture. Well, that is the soluble fiber.

Insoluble fiber, on the other hand, leaves the body in much the same composition as it was introduced ... as a bulk material which is beneficial in gently scrapping the inside walls of our intestines, thus keeping them squeaky clean and tidy.

So, I will be searching for some really good and unique oatmeal recipes, for that reason, so that I may share them with you in the future. If you have any good ones you would like to share,  you may do so in the comment section below.

As for the catfish, I don't really think it matters to them one way or the other about the solubility of fibers. Do you? Signature Icon

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