Sunday, April 06, 2014

How to Filet a Redfish

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    Well, if you're not, I'll tell you how I do it! Grasp the fish close to the tail fins. Twist the fishes back toward you till you get a good bend in it. Take your fillet knife and poke the tip of it into the back of the fish just behind the head. Cut about 1/2 to 1 inch along the backbone from head to tail, gives you a starting point to get ALL the meat off the fish. Repeat this cut on the other side as well. This starter cut makes it much more easier to fillet the fish out.

    Next, make a cut to the back bone just behind the head from back to belly. Now you can start removing the fillet from the body, Grasp the fillet at the cut near the head and gently lift flesh up and away from backbone and work your knife along the bones about half way across the ribs all the way to the tail, cutting up and over the backbone to the other side.

    You should have ALL the meat on this side free of the carcass. I cut through the first three bones of the rib cage and then across the remaining ribs to the belly. Pull the fillet up and away from the carcass and cut the first side down the belly to free it from the fish. You now can remove the skin from your fillet.

    Repeat for other side.

    You're going to see a lot of red meat on the skin side and down through the seam separating the two half's of the fillet. I found that some butter/tableknive's work very well for removing this red, bad tasting goop from the fish. Grasp the blade of the knife about midway, scrape the flesh gently from head to tail. Then gently work the blade into and through the seam. When finished, you will have the fillet separated into two parts.

    You can remove the other remaining rib bones and trim out the inside belly wall (another source of really bad taste!). I usually fillet the meat off the back side of the rib bones and belly wall just like I would fillet a fish!

    This method works just fine for all big fish.


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