Thursday, August 05, 2010

Recycling Green Onions (video)

How to Grow a Continuous Supply of Green Onions

Tip: Recycling Green Onions.

Green onions (a/k/a spring onions, salad onions and scallions) are a mild onion with underdeveloped root bulbs used in salads, soups and other dishes. It has become an integral part of Cajun cuisine.

Green onions are used in boudin, gumbos, potato salads, etouffees (A-2-Fays), fricassees, jambalaya, stews, hogs head cheese and many more recipes. In fact, if you plug-in the words "green onions" in our search  bar above you will discover just how extensively green onions are used in preparing many of our favorite Cajun dishes.

But here is the best part: I keep the bottom portion of the plants (the root bulbs) and plant them in either a small flower pot, or outdoor near the kitchen where I can harvest them year round. They are hardy plants that can withstand harsh temperatures.

Green onions are inexpensive and are usually sold in bunches of a half-dozen or more. Wait until just before they expire from the food shelves and ask your grocer for a discount. Often times he or she may let you have as many as you want for cheap or even free before they are tossed out.

Remember, all you need is the bottom part of the plant ('bout 2 inches) ... plus the free ones are usually better tasting, right?

If you use a small pot you can of course bring your green onions indoor until weather conditions become more favorable. I set my plants on the kitchen window sill and harvest a crop or two before planting them permanently in the ground.

Keep in mind that green onions can be chopped and stored in ziploc bags for the freezer. It only takes a few moments to plant them and you can have a continuous supply of fresh scallions that would make any Cajun green with envy. Bon Appetit! Ahheee!! Signature Icon

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