Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Texan vs. Cajun: The $100 Beer Bet (Cajun humor)

A big ol' Texan walks into a Cajun bar in south Louisiana and orders 4 long-neck beers. After drinking all of them, one after another, he orders 4 more from the bartender.

He does the same thing with the next four beers. Then, he wipes off the foam on his handlebar mustache with his shirt sleeve, turned and challenged Boudreaux and Thibodeaux, sitting at a nearby table, to a beer bet for $100.

To the Cajuns the Texan said, "I bet $100 that neither one of you can drink a case of beer in 45 minutes."

That was the time Boudreaux left the bar and Thibodeaux told the Texan he wasn't interested.

About 30 minutes later Boudreaux storms back into the bar and asked the Texan if the beer bet was still on.

Absolutely! The Texan didn't stutter.

Boudreaux says "I'll take that bet!"

Texan said, "Your on!"

"But, I want to know why you left the bar awhile ago and didn't take my bet then?"

Boudreaux said, "Well. It's like this. I didn't have $100 to bet you at the time, but you see that bar across the street over there?"

"Yea!" The Texan nodded.

"Well, I went over there to see if I could do it. I did it in 30 minutes flat! Now, are there anymore questions before I begin?"
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