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The 10 Best Recipe Comments

Someone asked me to post the 10 best recipes from this site. I told her I liked all of the recipes on this blog and that it would be a difficult thing for me to do. However, I did agree to post a few items from the Real Cajun Cooking archives with the nicest comments. So, I present this list with a heartfelt gratitude. And here they are:

Cappy and Pegody said..."Mr. Gaspard, I just stumbled across your blog and must say it looks very good. I would like to share your blog with" ... read more

What Makes A Gumbo A Gumbo?
Roux-B-Doo said..."Oh Jacques, I made one tonight. Oh man it was so good, it'd bring your tongue to its knees"... read more

Boudain (aka Boudin)
val61sf said..."I LOVE Boudain! Will eat it most any way, scramble with eggs, plain, boudain balls but my favorite snack is"... read more

Chicken Stew
Sharee said..."Thank you so much for posting this. Maybe now I can have it more often."... read more

The First Crayfish Farm
Jane said..."Thanks for sharing this with us. I could almost feel the heat and smell the crayfish."... read more

A Cajun Boucherie
Elissa Benoit said..."My husband is Cajun and we love boudain ... and a lot of the other recipes that you have on here"... read more

Petite Shrimp-Pies
Kitty said..."I feel like I have hit the jackpot! My husband and I love Cajun cuisine."... read more

Cajun Red Sauce
Anonymous said..."I have been looking for this. I grew up eating seafood and it was served with "red sauce" which to my surprise, not many restaurants" ... read more

Chicken Fricassee
Broussard at heart said..."This website is a real find! My dad is Cajun, but my mom is from the north, so she doesn't know how to make" ... read more

Cajun-French Toast (Pain Perdu)
Texasmama2boys said..."These are delicious - we had them prepared by no other than the author himself!! My boys loved them so much" ... read more

In conclusion, I think the one comment that said it all consisted of three little words under the recipe "Gumbo" which came from my oldest son: "I love gumbo", he said. This is not surprising because I think gumbo flows through our veins.

If you have something nice to say about any of these recipes, podcasts or short stories, please leave a comment, okay? We would love to hear from you.

Thanks you so much. Ahheee!!

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  1. Jacques,

    Great site, thanks so much for the tips, advice, and stories. I visit your site all the time for ideas....



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