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Capt. Morgan's Spicy Freedom Fries

  • 4 med. russet potatoes, cut into fries
  • 1 measure of DIY Cajun Spice
  • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • oil (peanut or vegetable)
  • 1 gallon-size Ziploc bag.

After peeling and rinsing the cut fries (do not dry), put them in the Ziploc bag along with one measure of the DIY Cajun Spice then zip the bag. Toss them around until thoroughly coated. Next, add the all-purpose flour to the bag and repeat the process.

Fry them up in a heavy metal skillet, or pot, one batch at a time in just enough oil to do the trick (no more than the half-way mark on the skillet or pot). When the fries float to the top continue to cook until a golden-brown color is reached. Let cool, drain and serve. NOTE: For extra-crispy freedom fries please read the comment below.

The average serving size is around one medium potato per person. Let's see? ... one potato, two potatoes, three potatoes, FOUR ... five potatoes, six potatoes, seven potatoes, MORE? ... then all you've got to do is add another measure of Cajun spice seasoning to the bag and a little more flour, and repeat. Pretty simple, huh?

We were fraternity brothers at the American Legion Post 488, New Boston, TX and we lived just three houses from each other on the same side of the street in Hooks, TX, which was located a few miles east of the lodge.

Jim was a couple years older than I, (in redneck terminology that means more than two), and had served in the Vietnam War in the late 60s as a Navy SEAL. My friend went to meet his Maker a few years ago after fighting a major battle from a rare form of cancer - most likely attributed to agent orange and/or other combat-related chemical exposures. But, while still maintaining his true form, he didn't go down without a fight.

He retired from the Red River Army Depot Security Division, near Hooks, Texas, in the mid-90s.

Like clockwork, Jim would show-up at my place every other afternoon to 'visit' awhile and drink a few beers. He also knew my cooking habits because I was always cooking-up something 'Cajun' to eat. He particularly liked it when I fried-up some freshly caught catfish and served them up with a generous portion of French ...hmmmm...excuse me, Freedom fries.

Very outspoken and loyal to the 'corps', Jim Morgan had taken a stance in the name of freedom when France refused to join allegiance with the U.S. against the tyrannical leadership of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. He, from that point forward, refused to call my fried potatoes "French" anymore. And, he claimed that my newly coined 'Freedom Fries' tasted better than the fried catfish, anyways.

So, Jim Morgan, if you can somehow know and see what's going-on over on this side of space and time, this recipe is in memory of you. We miss you and as you always said to others, "have a nice day". Probably see you soon.
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1 comment:

  1. Man, those sound good. I love making home-made 'freedom fries'. One trick that I use that makes the fries extra crispy is to par-fry them at about 325 degrees for 2-3 minutes. They should be limp and not brown at this point. Now place them on paper towels or in a paper bag to drain, and allow them to rest for another 10 minutes or so. Next turn up the heat on the oil to 375 degrees and cook them until golden brown. This makes the fries extra-crispy.


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