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A Global Paradigm Shift - Who Would Have Known?

It seems like it was not that long ago when I watched my grandfather sitting on the edge of his old oak rocking chair with his chin steadfastly perched in the open palms of both hands -- elbows affixed firmly on both knees, listening intently,  about a foot away from an old Zenith,  to the latest top-billing prize-fight to ever hit the air waves. (I'm talking radio here.)  This was in the early 1950s.

I just can't imagine how things have changed so much on this planet during these last few decades.

I discovered this vid on YouTube and wanted to share it with you. I'm 60 years old right now, but if I get to live to 77.6 years,  (the average life-span of a male in the U.S.),  I can expect to see a lot more changes coming this way from over the horizon (according to the trends in this clip) than I've experienced in the last 6 decades put together.

Are we living in the best of times? ... or what?

(I wonder if folks will still be eating seafood gumbo then?)

Well, what can I say except, "shift" happens!

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